Before the debate begins:

  • Please turn off the automatic standby-mode on your tablet/smartphone. You will find this option in your settings
    • Android: My device → Lock screen
    • iPhone : General → Auto-lock
    • Windows Phone: Lock screen → Screen lock
  • If you have disabled Javascript and/or Cookies, please enable these again.
  • Please do not use the standard Android browser. Use Chrome instead.
  • Some iPhones might not display the Debat-O-Meter correctly. In this case, please use Chrome instead of Safari.
  • Fullscreen mode might not work on some iPhones and/or iPads. In this case, add the Debat-O-Meter website as a bookmark to your home screen and re-open it from there.

The Debat-O-Meter screen

Please note the following:

  • The Debat-O-Meter records your ratings exact to the second. For each second, only one rating is recorded.
  • If you would like to communicate a response over a longer phase, you can push the button multiple times. The Debat-O-Meter will record no more than one rating per second.
  • Why you rate a candidate and what exactly you consider good or bad is left entirely to you.
  • If no button gets pressed, no data gets transmitted, which will be interpreted as a “neutral” rating.
  • Please do not use the device when the host is speaking.
  • Please do not use other services such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter during the debate as they may be distracting.
  • Your evaluations will be kept confidential and they will only be analyzed anonymously.
  • Enjoy the debate!