Do you want to know what your audience is thinking? Do you want your viewers to participate in the discussion and enable interaction between the podium and the audience? Are you interested in knowing which debater was particularly convincing?

That’s all possible with the Debat-O- Meter.

Political debates are the breeding ground of democracy: controversial, pluralistic and dynamic. Whether on TV or "live" on the spot, or whether there are two or more debaters, the Debat-O- Meter can adapt to your needs.


The Debat-O-Meter is an innovative Real-Time Response (RTR) measurement system for exact-to-the-second acquisition and analysis of audience responses. 

  • Innovative technology: The Debat-O-Meter can be used as a web application on any mobile device via the Internet browser.
  • Innovative mobility: The Debat-O-Meter is easily used in many different settings.
  • Innovative flexibility: As a virtual RTR-measurement tool, its interface and components can be configured flexibly. Innovative modular structure: From user management to panel surveys to real-time response measurements and data analysis, the Debat-O- Meter is built in a modular fashion.


As a browser-based app, the Debat-O-Meter can be accessed from any mobile device via the Internet or our local server. This saves you resources and allows for a mobile application in different scenarios: whether in the auditorium, at the TV studio or at home - the Debat-O-Meter can be used (almost) anywhere.


As a virtual RTR measurement tool the Debat-O-Meter is highly flexible: the graphical user interface, scaling, evaluation dimensions and input modes can be configured individually.


The Debat-O-Meter is a valid and reliable RTR measurement tool and meets scientific quality criteria. It enables precise and exact-to-the-second recordings of audience reactions.